Friday, January 19, 2007

I am now a blogger too!
This is my first blog entry. I plan to use this blog to set the record straight on anything I feel like. Ok, here goes. I hope it is not too boring!


Priyankoo:প্ৰিয়ংকু said...

Hey Barry,
Write something more on your blogs apart from replying to the morons! We are waiting to hear things like "did you ever fancy the nobel?"
do you like Terminator 2?
I am a PhD student in Linguistics and I want to win the Nobel. But you know what there's none for Linguistics!!!

Barry Marshall said...

Pleae don't be insulted by this reply two years late. Perhaps you will like my more recent entryabout flu etc. I decided to do a few twitters as well and am using the Gravity progam on my Nokia. I doubt I'll get back to this for a few weeks now. Time to write few papers.
p.s. I like T2 the best but the new T4 has come out and is pretty good. It's is vey intense and has great effects so see it when you are feeling calm.