Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Other Wikipedia Stuff - Alias's and Yoyo's
There are some other questions being asked in that Wikipedia discussion. Firstly; is the evil “barjammar” person actually me? I tried a Google search to find out who he was. Well, a clue might be that there are numerous entries by barjammar as the moderator of the Helicobacter Foundation discussion pages. The profile says that he is a 55 year old male who lurks within the H.pylori research laboratory. According to my curriculum vitae, which can also be found in a Google search, this matches my date of birth. Also, the name “barjammar” looks like it might be the first three letters of each of my names i.e. BARry JAMes MARshall. I even tried looking for the domain http://www.barjammar.com/ and, guess what! So that is an easy one. Secondly, I see the “Yoyo champion” entry there on Wikipedia. Apparently, if not for H.pylori, I could have won the Physics Prize for being a Yoyo genius. The truth is that when I was about 11 years old, I bought a Coca Cola "Duncan" competition-Yoyo after the demonstration team appeared at my school. I suppose it was January 1962. I caught a bus into Perth by myself one Saturday and won a heat of the competition. One week later a large Coca Cola truck arrived at my house and delivered two dozen bottles of Coca Cola! It was a fantastic prize because we were in the middle of a heat wave that summer. The next week I was eliminated in the semi-finals. My Yoyo was a genuine Duncan which looked like the one shown here. About ten years later, while visiting the Royal Show in Perth with my girlfriend, we happened to find the 6PR radio station booth where they were just starting a Yoyo competition. I entered the competition and, although I had not touched a Yoyo for about eight years, I won. I suppose it is like riding a bicycle – you never forget how to do it. Anyway, I won a very nice dinner for two. The good news is that Adrienne Feldman and I were married three months later. We are still married (shown here) and I can still operate a Yoyo. But please make sure it is a competition Yoyo and not just a toy if you want to see a demo'. Toys-R-Us have nice ones in stock sometimes. I doubt that I will have time to re-visit this Wikipedia issue for a few months so after this you will have to discuss it all amongst yourselves. Actually, for Helicobacter related issues you might try chatting away on the discussion board at http://www.helico.com/.


kungfuang said...

I just spent some time in South Korea. While there, I chose to use traditional Oriental medicine instead of Western. My experiences were mixed. I'm not sure I suffered any less than I would have had I chosen to not seek any form of treatment. I guess what I'm getting as is:
What you think about Oriental medicine?

Barry Marshall said...

I am not the first to say this, but Oriental medicine is "natural medicine" which means medicine which is not proven. When it gets proven, then it becomes conventional medicine and governments should then consider paying for it. So some natural medicine does work I expect but without actual data there is no way we can judge how useful it is. My opinion is that the Australian Government should tax natural medicine 10% and use the money to fund research into its use. Every medicine which is not proven after 10 years must refrain from any health claim and cannot be reimbursed. I would put acupuncture into this category. I suppose probotics and functional foods are also worth including. In the USA at least, they are attmpting to justify health claims with clinical trials being conducted. The NIH funds these trials.